Who is Freelance Creative?

Hi, I am Breanne Mollman (soon-to-be Richardson), and I am a twenty-something living in Oklahoma City. I'm a lover of aesthetics, playing soccer, and the oxford comma. My passions are vast and my ideas are infinite. Freelance Creative was developed to help other small business owners, like myself, to tell their stories.

How did I get here?

When I opened up a retail shop at 25, I quickly realized how inexpensive and essential social media became in my marketing plan. Like you, I wanted to keep my costs low while still attracting new business. Social media fueled my store promotions but most importantly, it grew the relationships I built with my clients. In fact, I am still connected with my clients on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

But it didn't begin there.

Do you remember Myspace? I actively managed company accounts on Myspace before the social scene really took off. It's easy to say I have 10 years' experience in this arena. I never envisioned I would be where I am today. I think that is what's so rewarding about creating, your life is quick to shift directions.

Social isn't everything.

A marketing plan doesn't stop at having social media. I create a calendar for my clients that outlines 6 months at a time. In addition, I break down a monthly agenda that I adhere to. Having this visual reminder of the content direction eases my ability to create consistent and enjoyable content at the right times to the right readers. To me, the perfect marketer is integrated, combining the old-school with the modern. I like the classics, the originals, the timeless-but sometimes shiny and new is fun. Most importantly,remember that with marketing, we're building relationships that both the buyer and the seller can benefit from.

E-mail is important too.

For a while it seemed as if e-mail was dying off. Messages were spammy, unoriginal, and booor-ing. Then something happened. Marketers realized that e-mail was a really effective way of reaching masses of customers promptly.  So, great e-mails were created and analyzed. The best e-mail marketers run tests to see which mailings perform better, what time of day most people check them, and they set up auto-triggers so these notices are delivered at the perfect moment. Now e-mail is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms.

What about Web?

Having a website is important. Having a website is essential. A quick Google search is all it takes to lose your client to a competitor because of poor design, difficult navigation, an outdated appearance or (gulp!) having no website at all. I can create you a website that you can easily make changes to on your own in case you move, change a phone number, add employees, or just feel like moving things around. Freelance Creative will make you look awesome.

I can't wait to get to know you better. Stick around, subscribe to our blog, and see all of the great things we come up with.

Sincerely,   Breanne